Reunion 2007
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We want to Thank Everyone for attending the 2007 reunion
The turn out was fantastic. So many people showed up who worked
in every area at CHATHAM. From Office, Stores & Warehouse people
and the stories of the memories we all had were the main topics
on every ones agenda. Tsuch & Joan Stress made it all possible !

This is only the beginning of what we can all look forward to in the future.

In order to create a prior employee name contact list for our web site,
We are asking that everyone fill out our online Contact List Form

Many people took pictures and we sure would like you to share them
with us so we can all enjoy YOUR special 2007 slide show
here on our web site. Dan Connell has started one...
Check Out our 2007 SlideShow

YES... "OUR WEB SITE" this is where we all come together to remember
our days at CHATHAM and you have what we need to make it grow.
OLD & NEW photos, News Letters, Stories, Memories...
anything relating to CHATHAM will open the door to those days gone by.
Send it to us and we will build our CHATHAM Memories Web Site

I also remembered his name was Joe Martin
(IMO) the best General Mdse. truck driver I ever knew
I can't forget Mike Quailya (?sp) was my favorite for Grocery loads,
and did you check out Mr. Parker at the reunion?... he ain't changed at all !

Music & Controls are below the slide show ~ you can go to any one by number...
Photos are numbered so you can review while on the phone with others watching

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More photos can be added if you send them to us.
Send your photo memories to

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