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Chatham Reunion 2009 Comments & Suggestions Sent to Us
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To insure we are providing a reunion everyone will want to attend
Comment from: Michele & Dennis Hylko
Thanks Joe for everything.
My husband and I had a ball. Quite a few office people showed and I met many more store employees this time. This was my second Reunion.
Comment from: Zina Skowronek
Great Job ! ! ! Well done...
Love the pictures. If you need my suggestions on anything, contact me.
Well, Zina... I am sure your ideas & suggestions will be right after mine below as #2 Joe, 8^)
Comment from: Michele Eidson (unable to attend but still visits our web site & sent this in)
Hello Everyone & Joe Connell !
WOW!!! Looks like the Chatham reunion was a great success this year.
I was looking through the pictures, they are very nice :)
I was wondering if you had Lucy Zelewa's email address???
She and I worked together in the Dairy Dept at the office.
I would love to catch up with her.
Michele Eidson It has been done, Joe C.
Comment from: William Seta Jr (unable to attend but still visits our web site & sent this in)
WOW!!! An Outstanding Job. I'M SO SORRY I MISSED IT AGAIN, MANY PEOPLE I WORKED WITH THANKS FOR THE LIFE UPDATE. You could have had lunch with us, Joe C. 8^)
Comment from: Mr. Harold Weisberg
(unable to attend but receives our email's and visits our web site & sent this in)
Thanks for sending me the information. Looks like a wonderful turn out.
I found some old pictures I will need to send you.

It appears from your latest pictures that our employees have been eating much better than when they worked at the company. { I guess I am not the only one who needs to diet ;-) }

You have done a great job, and I am proud of you and those who helped.

Harold Weisberg
Or The Owl
I guess I should have taken time to use PhotoShop on some of those photos, Joe C. }:^)
Comment from: Whos next ? ?

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Suggestion #1 from: Joe Connell Someone said to me...
"We seem to have had a lot of SWEETS... Maybe we should put together a check off list of sorts for people to see here on the web site and volunteer to bring. Then we could make a Food List with items checked off that people are planning to bring so we don't end up with 20 Salads; etc..."         ...and teach Joe Connell to spell 8^)
(This would be done about a month before our next reunion)
Now YOU tell us what Food items should be on this list...

Type in your Food Suggestions and how many of each
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For Earlier

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For Saturday

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Suggestion #2 & #3 from: Dave White

I would like to see it start earlier. Maybe 11:00am. As it seems to get dark just when everybody is really enjoying the camaraderie. And I think this year Saturday seemed to help get a bigger attendance due to some people from out of town like to have Sunday to drive home instead of driving all night. (some people have to get to work on Monday)

Give us a Thumbs Up or Down on these 2 suggestions
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for Sound System

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Suggestion #4 from: Lois Zukowski
If you want to make announcements or give information out; you need to have a Sound System with a mike so you can be heard by everyone and will be better organized so you can get your message out to everybody because lot of people are scattered out from the pavilion and for them and even those under the pavilion; your words of info VERY DIFFICULT TO HEAR; SO EVERYBODY DOES NOT HEAR WHAT'S BEING TOLD.

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